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Paul Brady

  • Date:
    Friday 24 January
  • Venue:
    St. Patrick's Cathedral
  • Time:
  • Tickets:

Paul Brady, singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist is one of Ireland’s most enduringly popular artists. Born and raised in Strabane, Northern Ireland, he was into a wide variety of music from an early age. Learning to play the piano pretty much by ear, trial and error, his early heroes were Jerry Lee Lewis, Winifred Atwell and Fats Domino. By the age of eleven he had begun to play guitar. Mid-teens saw him take summer jobs playing piano and guitar in Bundoran, County Donegal. But it was around 1965 in Dublin, at college, that he began to develop as a singer and performer. The 60′s in Dublin saw the renewal of interest in Irish traditional music and gave birth to the first wave of Irish ballad groups like The Clancy Brothers, The Dubliners, Sweeney’s Men and The Johnstons. Soon Paul became swept up in this current and joined the latter band with whom he recorded seven albums. In 1974 he joined Planxty, the premier Irish folk band of the early ’70’s. This was the band that was to launch the solo careers of Andy Irvine, Liam O‘ Flynn, Donal Lunny and Christy Moore.

In the late 90’s, he began to collaborate with other songwriters and in the space of two years wrote nearly fifty songs. In 2001, Paul undertook a record-breaking, celebrated run at Vicar Street. Playing 23 sold-out shows over the month of October, he re-visited much of his by now extensive repertoire and was joined on stage by several of the many artists he has worked and collaborated with over the previous thirty years. 2010 saw Paul releasing his 14th solo album, ‘Hooba Dooba’ to widespread acclaim. Paul Brady continues to push out the boundaries not only of his own talent but of Irish contemporary music in the new millennium.

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